About Us

Taam Petroleum Ltd. is registered and licensed Petroleum Company in South Sudan and entered the local Markets at end of 2007 as a fuel marketing Company that commissioned a network of stations in South Sudan primarily to support the humanitarian efforts provided by the United Nations agencies, NGOs and other governmental institutions in rebuilding South Sudan. After long challenges prefect competition The Company has developed a sound customer base in different towns across the countrywide. The effect of this development has seen our capacity and reliability increase exponentially, making Taam Petroleum a true partner of development initiatives that are aimed at partnering Africa’s growing market.


Taam Petroleum Ltd. sets its sights at providing the efficient services to its customers. It aims to build a credible and reputable company that provides maximum value to its customers, investors, suppliers and the community in which it operates.


The Company operates with a mission that its customers needs will be met in a professional, efficient, timely and friendly manner. We strive to continually improve our operations and market strategies and gear these towards expanding our customers’ base.
about us


  1. Customer focus and satisfaction

    We aim to put the customer’s requirements and needs at the forefront and believe that by continual improvement of our service delivery we will not only maintain our current client base but also be able to attract a broader segment of the market in Southern Sudan.
  2. Integrity and honesty

    We strive for a great degree of transparency within our company and believe that sound management practices that incorporate the values of integrity and honesty will enable us to succeed and thrive in the market.
  3. Quality processes

    The continued search for operational and management excellence means that we are constantly strive to improve all our company’s processes and believed in incorporating internationally recognized management standards such as ISO 9001:2000 within the Company.
  4. Leadership

    We believe in strong leadership practices at all levels within the Company and trust that his leadership will fulfill our overall strategy of being market leaders in our field in Southern Sudan.
  5. Team Work

    Our Company is based on the strength of all the team members who work together as a unit. We encourages participation and involvement at all levels to foster improved overall service

Petroleum station


Taam Petroleum Ltd. aims to have an in house performance it can be proud of, earn the confidence of customers and society at large and contribute to sustainable development within the region.

To do so, Taam Petroleum Ltd. has established the following statement of commitment.


Taam Petroleum Ltd. is committed to:

  • Our sure goal of no harm to people, which include the local community.
  • Protect the environment
  • Manage social responsibility with the diligence accorded to any of its critical business activities.
  • Play a leading role in promoting best practices in our industry.
  • Taam Petroleum Ltd. aspires to achieve business performance as well as corporate social responsibility that are exemplary in Southern Sudan.
  • Taam Petroleum Ltd. will implement this policy through a documented health, safety and environment system and will conduct periodic audits to verify compliance.
  • Throughout our existence, we will always maintain along-term perspective on our operations and our responsibilities.
  • We seek to establish partnership with governments, other oil and Gas Companies, Shareholders and communities where we work.
  • We rely heavily on the dedication, skill and professionalism of our employees and will ensure that their reputation and their safety are not compromised by the actions of others or us.